Accountability and Responsibility At Work- Holding Others Accountable

Audrey Halpern
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Accountability is an essential leadership skill. As a manager, accountability starts with you. If any employee fails to meet their goals or the company's expectations, it is up to the manager to hold that team member accountable. An excellent manager creates a sense of responsibility for their team and drives excellent outcomes.

However, creating accountability is not simple. Some leaders hesitate, as they're focused more on how their team perceives them than the outcomes produced. Leaders need to understand that holding people accountable for their work is essential, as it improves overall employee performance, empowers team members with a sense of ownership, and drives organizational growth.

Here are some tips on how to hold employees accountable in the workplace –

  • Start With Yourself
  • Set clear expectations.
  • Establish Performance Standards
  • Provide the necessary resources.
  • Set SMART goals.
  • Consistent, ongoing feedback
  • Embrace mistakes.

Session Highlights:

  • The webinar will address the situations and eliminate excuses.
  • We are setting benchmarks for excellent outcomes.
  • Monitoring progress and drives organizational growth.
  • The speaker will define accountability.
  • It is understanding the role of accountability.
  • I am taking control of my work and progressing.
  • Effective remote delegation.
  • We are maintaining communication and offering feedback.
  • I am learning how to hold one virtual meeting.
  • Challenges to holding remote employees accountable.

Why Should You Attend:

Holding employees accountable is an essential part of meeting your department's goals. When everyone knows their expectations and responsibilities, they can produce better, more consistent work. Some employees need more supervision than others, making it essential for you to have strategies to monitor their work. When your team members know you're tracking their goals and task completion, they may be more likely to stay focused on their work and get more done. Holding employees accountable also helps them develop a sense of responsibility, a transferable skill for virtually any role.

Who Should Attend:

  • Human Resource Managers 
  • Human Resource Executives 
  • Human Resources Professionals and Consultants 
  • Vice Presidents of Administration 
  • Organizational Development Managers 
  • Senior Operations Managers 
  • Directors of Learning and Development 
  • Risk Management Specialists Attorneys 
  • Legal Staff Supervisors responsible for corrective action 
  • Employees who aspire to leadership positions

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