Coaching at Work- Improving Employee Engagement and Performance

Don Phin
Aug 06, 2024 , 01 : 00 PM EST
60 Minutes |  45 Days Left
Live Webinar


Difficulty attracting employees, difficulty engaging employees, remote employees, turnover, claims, and brand damage. All are enormous challenges for every company today! Since we can’t “control” or “micro-manage” employees, nor do we really want to, best practices, engagement, and coaching are our only options!

In this fast-moving presentation, executive coach Don Phin, will share strategies and tools to help you and your managers step up their engagement and performance management games by learning how to coach their direct reports.

Coaching helps for a myriad of reasons. The best managers and employees want to improve their ability to engage everyone from board members to the rank and file. They have a strong IQ and realize they need to build their EQ. Usually self-motivated.

Plenty of employees and managers are stressed out, stuck, and no fun to be around…at work or home. Cracks are beginning to show, and the company is willing to invest in coaching to keep them functioning at a sustainable level.

We will discuss:

•    When to coach

•    Where to coach

•    Different approaches to coaching

Levels of accountability

•    Secrets to great listening

•    Great questions to ask

•    Actions speak louder than words

•    Move from expectations to agreements

•    How to know when somebody is uncoachable

•    And…much more

Take-away value:

  • You will understand why the Death of Control has changed management…forever.
  • You will understand why managerial coaching has become so popular.
  • You and your managers will have an approach and tools to help facilitate their coaching.
  • You will learn the secret to being a great listener.
  • You will have a checklist to help with your coaching!

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