Coaching Skills For Supervisors

Larry Johnson
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This is a comprehensive guide that equips supervisors with the necessary tools to lead effectively in modern organizational settings. Through adept coaching, supervisors learn to empower their teams, foster productivity, and drive organizational success. Key themes include effective communication, goal setting, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. The title emphasizes practical strategies, such as active listening and goal setting, to cultivate a culture of trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By mastering coaching techniques and overcoming common challenges, supervisors become catalysts for positive change, driving employee engagement and business success.

After hiring the right people, managing them to improve their performance is critical to a manager or supervisor’s job. It would be best if you determined what the employee needs and how to communicate it in a way he or she will understand, accept, and act on.

In this webinar, Larry Johnson will give you solutions to solve the problems these questions pose.

  1. How do you ensure effective communication with your team members, including setting clear expectations, providing feedback, and resolving conflicts?

  2. How do you prioritize and manage your tasks as a supervisor, considering the various responsibilities you have, including overseeing operations, administrative duties, and supporting your team?

  3. How do you approach evaluating employee performance, providing constructive feedback, and addressing underperformance or behavioral issues within your team?

  4. How do you delegate tasks effectively while ensuring they are completed to the required standard, and how do you handle any challenges or concerns related to trust or control?

  5. How do you navigate changes in organizational structures, procedures, or technologies, and how do you ensure your leadership remains effective during times of change?

  6. How do you manage diverse personalities within your team, resolve conflicts, and foster collaboration and teamwork among team members?

  7. How do you approach making tough decisions as a supervisor, and what factors do you consider when balancing the needs of your team, the organization, and other stakeholders?

  8. How do you support the professional growth and development of your team members through coaching, training, and mentorship, and how do you tailor your approach to individual needs?

  9. How do you manage your own workload effectively while also providing support to your team members, and how do you prevent stress and burnout in yourself and your team?

  10. How do you ensure high levels of employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction within your team, particularly during challenging times or periods of uncertainty?

This webinar benefits the following agencies-

Any organization in which the attendees are responsible for the growth and performance of others

  • Human Resources Departments

  • Professional Development Organizations

  • Training and Consulting Firms

  • Industry Associations

  • Business Schools or Management Institutes

  • Online Learning Platforms

  • Corporate Training Departments

  • Government Agencies

Who should attend?

  1. Supervisors

  2. Managers

  3. Team Leaders

  4. Department Heads

  5. Human Resources (HR) Professionals

  6. Learning and Development Specialists

  7. Organizational Development (OD) Practitioners

  8. Business Consultants

  9. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

  10. Aspiring Leaders

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