Decision-Making and Human Error Prevention

Ginette Collazo
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Decision-making is the most significant activity in daily life, the working environment, and all types of organizations at any level. Despite our best efforts, humans make mistakes. It's in our nature. However, human error in the workplace can seriously affect cybersecurity and business continuity. 

The webinar will give participants a deep understanding of the cognitive processes that govern decision-making and the common pitfalls that lead to human errors. Through a blend of theoretical insights, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will gain valuable tools and strategies to optimize decision-making and create a resilient environment that minimizes the likelihood of errors.

Areas Covered:

  • Understanding Human Error.
  • Decision Making Errors.
  • Confirmation Bias.
  • Overconfidence.
  • Anchoring and Hindsight Bias
  • Availability Heuristic
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy
  • Emotional Decision-Making

Webinar Highlights:

  • Recognize and mitigate biases like Confirmation Bias, Overconfidence, Anchoring, and Availability heuristics.
  • Acquire tools to assess and mitigate risks, overcoming the influence of Sunk Cost Fallacy for more strategic decisions.
  • Understand and navigate groupthink, fostering constructive group decision-making and minimizing collective cognitive biases.
  • Develop strategies to combat Decision Fatigue, maintaining optimal decision-making performance in high-pressure situations.
  • Learn methods to mitigate Hindsight Bias, fostering a forward-focused, growth-oriented mindset in decision-making.
  • Explore the role of emotions, developing emotional intelligence skills to balance rationality and emotional factors for sound decision-making.

Why Should You Attend:

In today's complex and fast-paced world, making sound decisions and minimizing the risk of human error is crucial across various professional domains. Mistakes are bound to happen in the workplace. However, shifting the way we think about mistakes from being a nuisance to a learning opportunity can help pinpoint the root cause and create better processes for the future. The webinar will dig into the external factors that lead to human error and offer solutions to help develop a human error prevention strategy.

Who Should Attend:

  • Risk Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Managers
  • Legal Professionals
  • Emergency Responders
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Team Leaders and Managers
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Business Leaders and Executives

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