HR Compliance 101 - For New HR/Non - HR Managers

Bob McKenzie
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In an increasingly complicated world of employee compliance in which HR struggles just to keep abreast of new developments, not teaching managers the basics can be costly. After all, it's the managers who interact with employees on a day-to-day basis and every day is an opportunity for problems to arise that a manager was never trained in how to address.

Knowing what to do in increasingly complicated employee situations can be difficult for even seasoned managers, especially if a manager has never had training. For a new manager, these problems are intensified. For a new HR Manager, this becomes a bigger problem as HR advises not just one manager but all managers throughout an organization.

Why Should You Attend?

By the time an employee problem reaches HR, a level of liability has often been created. How an employer handles such problems, can either limit or increase liability. Further exacerbating the problem is that managers often inherit a dysfunctional department and/or are promoted to supervise those with whom they once were co-workers.

If an HR Dept. does not know how to recognize or fix problems, what can be solved as a mere miscommunication, can quickly turn into a costly lawsuit. With this in mind, the instructor will take attendees through best practices to prevent litigation and general dysfunction by ensuring compliance with the HR laws.

Areas Covered in The Session: -

  • Basics of the Big Four of Employment Compliance- Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, ADA
  • Employee Relations
  • Safety
  • Management

Who Will Benefit:-

  • Payroll Personnel
  • Front line Managers
  • Department Managers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Human Resources- Generalists, Business Partners, Managers, Directors, VPs
  • Anyone Newly Promoted to a Management Position
  • Managers who were promoted from within their companies

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