Note Blocking under the Cures Act

Kim Cunningham
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In 2016, Congress enacted the 21st Century Cures Act (Cures Act) to:

  • Make patient data requests easy and inexpensive;
  • Give patient and their providers secure access to protected health information (PHI); and
  • Increase innovation and competition to give patients more options.

Effective April 2021, the Cures Act prohibits information blocking, with eight exceptions. These are generally referred to as the note blocking exceptions, which we will discuss in detail during this webinar.

In advance of the webinar, audience members are encouraged to review the document here and be generally familiar with the exceptions. Having the document available to follow along during the webinar may also be helpful.

This webinar benefits the following agencies-

Healthcare providers, clinicians, documentation and coding staff

Who should attend?

  • Support staff
  • Chief compliance officers, compliance analysts and specialists
  • Privacy officers
  • General Counsel

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