Wage and Labor Laws – Overview of Essentials

Deborah Jenkins
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Federal, State and Local Laws, Rules, and Regulations can be complicated to understand. This course helps identify areas of compliance concerns, resources to outline requirements, and best practices to satisfy wage and labor activities. Determine what  your organization is subject to according to your number of employees, location, and employment activities. It is essential to prevent litigation against your business. Understanding wage and labor laws allows you and your leadership team to demonstrate good faith efforts of striving to achieve compliance with the many wage and labor laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines. With this resource-loaded, fast-paced, and relatable course, you will receive tools, tips, and techniques to use to successfully lead your team. By the end of the training, you will have actionable items and tools to implement the learning objectives and achieve sustained success. This is a PowerPoint instructor-led presentation that includes lecture, audience participation, key takeaway action plans, and is qualifiable for 1.0 CEUs/ instruction hour.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand Compliance Guidelines
  • Determine Who All Holds Responsibilities for Compliance
  • Explore the Different Areas of Compliance.
  • Decide How to Best Accomplish Compliance.
  • Recognize HR Compliance Items.
  • Learn Where to Go for Answers.

Course Outline:

  1. Business Ethics
  2. Areas of Wage and Labor Compliance Requirements
  3. Compliance Responsibilities
  4. Test Your Knowledge
  5. Resources

Why Attend:

Attending this training will help you and your team grow professional skills and discover  how to work towards continued success for yourself, your team, and your organization. This course will help you to advance your current success, boost your chances to meet  your future goals and aspirations, and to inspire others to follow your lead. Further, this course will help your team better understand company-wide expectations of individuals  and teams in order to achieve desired results. When workplaces incorporate these  cultural principles, the work environment becomes a place to look forward to coming to. If developing your skills aren’t addressed by you or your organization, there is a risk of individual, team, department, and organizational failure by not reaching the full potential of everyone.

Who will Benefit:

Everyone that interacts with others and aspires to continue their professional development will benefit from this training. That includes anyone from front line workers to the leadership team. It is also general information that is relevant to all industries  including human resources, medical, legal, hospitality, transportation, government, sales, communications, education, insurance, science, engineering, banking, non-profit, fitness, investment, realty, marketing, construction, and more. Human Resource Professionals, Supervisors, Managers, Business Owners, CEOs, COOs, CHROs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Employees.

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